American Express goes to great lengths to protect your Card from fraud. Below are some examples of how we protect your Card from fraudulent use.

Fraud Protection Guarantee

Our Fraud Protection Guarantee means you won't be held responsible for any unauthorised or fraudulent charges when you use your American Express Card. You can shop with confidence anywhere.*

Authorised User Verification

When you use your American Express Card at retail or online stores, you may be asked to provide your "CID" (Card Identification Digits). American Express compares that information with the CID on file to help confirm that it is you using the Card. This information is for security purposes only and is not saved by the Merchant.

Monitoring Your Card Account for Suspicious Transactions

American Express has advanced monitoring systems and controls to detect fraudulent activity and protect your Cards Accounts from misuse.

Irregular Card Account Activity Alert

If we detect a questionable transaction on your Card Account, we will contact you to verify its legitimacy.

Card Account Alerts

Keep track of your Card transactions anytime, anywhere, and stay in control of your Card Accounts with Online and Mobile Services, and Transaction SMS.

Communication Protection.

E-mail Communications

When you receive an e-mail from American Express related to your Card Account, the e-mail will never reference your full Card number. If you are concerned about the legitimacy of an e-mail from American Express, you can forward the e-mail to If the e-mail is fraudulent, we will take the appropriate actions.

*Please refer to the Terms and Conditions and Insurance Certificate for your Card for full details.